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Inlet and Nozzle Technology Development

Advancing the state-of-the-art in inlets and nozzles for aircraft engines and other aerospace applications. Our fundamental and applied research supports commercial and military aircraft and space propulsion systems.

Our aircraft engine inlet and nozzle researchers maintain and operate several test facilities at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, where we perform the following tasks:

  • Measure the performance of advanced Inlets and Nozzles designs
  • Study flow control concepts for improved Inlets and Nozzles performance
  • Provide inlet/fan interaction data
  • Investigate nozzle aeroacoustic issues
  • Understand fundamental flow physics issues relevant to Inlets and Nozzles flows
  • Produce detailed test data for validation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes

Our researchers also develop, maintain, support, and apply several computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes, which are used to:

  • Design advanced inlets and nozzles
  • Predict Inlets and Nozzles performance
  • Model flow control concepts
  • Model inlet/fan interaction
  • Understand aeroacoustic phenomena
  • Study fundamental flow problems
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