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Technical Briefing

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Focused Topic

Near term objective and vision: Commercialization of monopropellants and related technologies that are safer, higher energy, and higher density for small spacecraft, upper stages, and vehicle reaction control systems. Far term objective and vision: Commercialization of high energy density propellants and related technologies that provided higher density, high energy, and improved operability for Reusable Launch Vehicles.

Monopropellant Fuel Development

Propellant Operations and Safety

O2 /H2- and H2-Powered Vehicles

Gelled Propellant Assessments to Find the Best Applications

Hypersonic Fuel Development

Gelled Hydrogen for Airbreathing – H2-Powered Vehicles

High Energy Density – Propellant Formulations

Large Scale Booster Applications

Examples of High Energy Density Materials

HEDM candidates

High Energy Density Materials: Particle Feed Systems

TitleAuthor(s)SourceTopic Area(s)YearLink
Atomic Hydrogen Propellants: Historical Perspectives and Future PossibilitiesPalaszewski, B.NASA-Lewis Research Center, AIAA 93-0244, presented at the 31st AIAA Aerospace Science Meeting, Reno, NVHigh Energy Density Materials: Particle Feed Systems1993NTRS


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