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SWIFT v. 400


SWIFT is a multiblock CFD code for the analysis of 3-D flows in turbomachinery. The code solves the thin-layer Navier-Stokes equations using explicit finite-difference techniques. It can be used to analyze linear cascades or annular blade rows with or without rotation. Limited multiblock capability can be used to model tip-clearances and multistage machines.


Multi-block capability

Formulation and differencing schemes

SWIFT solves the Navier-Stokes equations formulated in a Cartesian coordinate system with rotation about the x-axis. The equations are mapped to a general body-fitted coordinate system. Streamwise viscous terms are neglected using the thin-layer assumption, but all cross-channel viscous terms are retained.

Turbulence models

Numerical method

Input and output

Computer and graphics requirements

SWIFT requires a Fortran 90 compiler and CFD visualization software for use. Click the button below for more information


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Computer requirements

All codes are supplied as Fortran source code and require a Fortran 90 compiler for use. The Cray, Compaq, GNU, Intel, and SGI compilers have all been used successfully. The codes are usually run on Linux systems, butwill run on on a PC or Mac. Parallel processing is available on multi-core computers using OpenMP directives. Check the Fortran Store for information on Fortran compilers

Graphical output

No graphical output is provided with these codes, but access to some CFD visualization software is required to view and evaluate the grids and solutions. Grid and solution files are in standard PLOT3D format and can be read directly and plotted with the public-domain CFD visualization tool PLOT3D, or the commercial tools FieldView, TecPlot, or EnSight CFD. Check the following web sites for information on CFD visualization software.

EnSight CFD:

Test cases included with SWIFT 400

An Excel file with flow conditions, experimental data, and comparisons between computations and experiment is included with SWIFT 400 for each case.

NASA rotor 37 graphic
NASA rotor 37
Goldman annular turbine cascade graphic
Goldman annular turbine cascade
NASA stage 35 graphic
NASA stage 35
SSME 2-stage fuel turbine graphic
SSME 2-stage fuel turbine
NASA rotor 67 graphic
NASA rotor 67
Large low-speed centrifugal impeller graphic
Large low-speed centrifugal impeller
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