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CFD Codes for Turbomachinery References

The references linked below open directly with Adobe Acrobat Reader. To save a file for later use, put your cursor over the link, right-click, and use the “Save Link As” option.


TitleAuthor(s)ReferenceTypeTopic Area(s)YearLink
GRAPE 2-D Grid Generator for Turbomachinery, User's Manual and DocumentationChima, R. V.Version 107, May 2011.Technical Memorandum (TM)GRAPE2011
A Computer Program to Generate Two-Dimensional Grids About Airfoils and Other Shapes by the Use of Poisson's EquationSorenson, R. L.NASA TM-81198, 1980.Technical Memorandum (TM)GRAPE1980NTRS
Automatic Mesh Point Clustering Near A Boundary in Grid Generation with Elliptic Partial Differential EquationsSteger, J. L., and Sorenson, R. L. J. Computational Physics, Vol. 33, No. 3, Dec. 1979, pp. 405-410.Reprint (Version printed in journal)GRAPE1979NTRS
RVCQ3D - Rotor Viscous Code Quasi-3-D, User's Manual and DocumentationChima, R. V.Version 406, May 2011.Technical Memorandum (TM)RVCQ3D2011
Application of the k-omega Turbulence Model to Quasi-Three-Dimensional Turbomachinery FlowsChima, R. V.J. Propulsion Power, Vol. 12, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1996, pp. 1176-1179. Also NASA TM-107051.Technical Memorandum (TM)RVCQ3D1996
Explicit Multigrid Algorithm for Quasi-Three-Dimensional Viscous Flows in TurbomachineryChima, R. V.J. Propulsion Power, Vol. 3, No. 5, 1987, pp. 397-405. Also NASA TM-87128.Reprint (Version printed in journal)RVCQ3D1987NTRS
TCGRID 3-D Grid Generator for Turbomachinery, User's Manual and DocumentationChima, R. V.Version 400, Aug. 2011.Technical Memorandum (TM)TCGRID2011
Preconditioning for Numerical Simulation of Low Mach Number Three-Dimensional Viscous Turbomachinery FlowsTweedt, D. L., Chima, R. V., and Turkel, E. AIAA Paper 97-1828, June, 1997.Reprint (Version printed in journal)RVC3D1997NTRS
An Algebraic Turbulence Model for Three-Dimensional Viscous FlowsChima, R. V., Giel, P. W., and Boyle, R. J.AIAA Paper 93-0083, Jan. 1993. Also NASA TM-105931.Conference PaperRVC3D1993NTRS
Viscous Three-Dimensional Calculations of Transonic Fan PerformanceChima, R. V.CFD Techniques for Propulsion Applications, AGARD Conference Proceedings No. CP-510, AGARD, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, Feb. 1992, pp 21-1 to 21-19. Also NASA TM-103800.Conference ProceedingsRVC3D1992NTRS
Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Viscous Flows in TurbomachineryChima, R. V., and Yokota, J. W.AIAA J., Vol. 28, No. 5, May 1990, pp. 798-806.Conference PaperRVC3D1990NTRS
Swift - Multiblock Analysis Code for Turbomachinery, User's Manual and DocumentationChima, R. V.Version 400, Aug. 2011.Technical Memorandum (TM)SWIFT2011
SWIFT Code Assessment for Two Similar Transonic CompressorsChima, R. V.AIAA-2009-1058, Jan. 2009. Also NASA TM-2009-215520.Conference PaperSWIFT2009NTRS
Comparison of the AUSM+ and H-Cusp Schemes for Turbomachinery ApplicationsChima., R. V. and Liou, M.-S.AIAA Paper AIAA-2003-4120, June 2003. Also NASA TM-2003-212457Technical Memorandum (TM)SWIFT2003NTRS
Computational Modeling of Vortex Generators for TurbomachineryChima, R. V.ASME Paper GT-2002-30677, Apr. 2002. Also NASA TM-2002-211551.Technical Memorandum (TM)SWIFT2002NTRS
Calculation of Multistage Turbomachinery Using Steady Characteristic Boundary ConditionsChima, R. V.AIAA Paper 98-0968, Jan. 1998. Also NASA TM-1998-206613.Technical Memorandum (TM)SWIFT1998NTRS
Calculation of Tip Clearance Effects in a Transonic Compressor Rotor," J. TurbomachineryChima, R. V.Vol. 120, No. 1, Jan. 1998, pp. 131-140.Reprint (Version printed in journal)SWIFT1998NTRS
Axisymmetric Calculations of a Low-Boom Inlet in a Supersonic Wind TunnelChima. R. V., Hirt, S. M., and Reger, R.AIAA- Paper 2011-3800, July 2011.Technical Memorandum (TM)Current Research2011NTRS
Computational Analysis of a Low-Boom Supersonic InletChima, R. V.AIAA Paper 2011-3801, July 2011.Technical Memorandum (TM)Current Research2011NTRS
Experimental Investigation of a Large-Scale Low-Boom Inlet ConceptHirt, S. M., Chima, R. V., Vyas, M. A., Wayman, T. R., and Conner, T. R.AIAA- Paper 2011-3796, July 2011.Conference PaperCurrent Research2011NTRS
Experimental Investigation of Vortex Generators on a Low-Boom Supersonic InletVyas, M. A., Hirt, S. M., Chima, R. V., Davis, D. O., and Wayman, T. R.AIAA- Paper 2011-3798, July 2011.Conference PaperCurrent Research2011
Coupled Analysis of an Inlet and Fan for a Quiet Supersonic JetChima, R. V., Conners, T. R., and Wayman, T. R.AIAA Paper 2010-479, Jan. 2010. Also NASA TM-2010-216350.Technical Memorandum (TM)Current Research2010NTRS
CFD Models of a Serpentine Inlet, Fan, and NozzleChima. R. V., Arend, D. J., Castner, R. S., Slater, J. W., and Truax, P. P.AIAA Paper 2010-33, Jan. 2010. Also NASA TM-2010-21349.Technical Memorandum (TM)Current Research2010NTRS
A Three-Dimensional Unsteady CFD Model of Compressor StabilityChima, R. V.ASME Paper GT2006-90040, May 2006.Technical Memorandum (TM)Current Research2006NTRS
Analysis of Supersonic Inlet BuzzChima, R. V.NASA TM-2012-217612, May 2012.Technical Memorandum (TM)Inlet Buzz2012NTRS


Schlieren video of supersonic inlet buzz. Mach number = 1.7. Inlet diameter = 1 ft. Frame rate = 2000 Hz. Taken in the 8-ft x 6-ft supersonic wind tunnel at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 2010.

Computational fluid dynamics analysis of supersonic inlet buzz. Static pressure ratio contours. Mach number = 1.7. Inlet diameter = 1 ft. Computations made using the WIND-US CFD code at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, 2011.

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