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NASAIRS Flying Club

NASAIRS is a Glenn Research Center employee club and non-profit corporation in Ohio dedicated to making aviation accessible and exciting. Membership comprises both NASA employees and non-NASA private pilots, up to a maximum of ten people.

Cessna 172 outside

Club Details

The club owns a 1974 Cessna 172, and each member owns 1/10 of the assets of the club. An equity stake in the club is $6500, with an additional application fee. The equity stake is returned to you when you resign and the club sells your membership to a new applicant. The equity-based structure allows each member to be treated as an owner for insurance purposes, which is superior to the personal insurance required when renting. The club does not admit student pilots without a PPL, but does have multiple members that are CFIs and actively encourages advanced flight training in the aircraft. The club is governed cooperatively with elected officers, and decisions are made by members voting at club meetings.

The Aircraft

The club Cessna 172 features a recently rebuilt 180 horsepower Lycoming engine.  With a typical cruise airspeed of 115 kts at 9 gph, the long-range 48 gallon tanks allow 4.5 hour endurance or 525 nm range with reserves.

The plane is fully instrumented for IFR flight including:

The plane is currently hangared at Medina Municipal Airport (1G5). Club members wash and wax the plane and participate in owner-performed maintenance like oil changes.

Instruments in the cockpit of the NASAIRS Cessna 172 aircraft.


Monthly dues are $130 per member when the club is at full membership. This covers fixed costs like insurance, hangar rental, and maintenance including the annual inspection.  Additional funds are held for unexpected maintenance items or upgrades that members approve.

Hourly Cost

The dry cost of flying the plane is $45 per hour based on tachometer (not Hobbs meter) time, which covers wear and tear on the plane. Self-serve fuel is available 24/7 at 1G5, and each club member is expected to refuel after completing his/her flight to ensure that each flight starts with full tanks.

Clouds in flight


Flying time is tracked with a smartphone app or website link. Scheduling is on a first-come-first-served basis, but with wide availability. Club rules state that members may schedule the plane for extended blocks of time and may keep the plane overnight. Also, members are allowed to schedule the plane for a limited number of trips lasting up to 7 days.


For current standing rules and bylaws, see the links below:


Jared Berg
NASA Glenn Research Center
21000 Brookpark Rd., MS 86-12
Cleveland, Ohio 44135

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