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GRC Policies and Procedures

A public listing of Glenn Research Center (GRC) policies and procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Moxley (216-433-5604) or Julie Glynn, ATS-JV, LLC (216-433-2230).
NASA Glenn Research Center Directives
Number Name File Type
GLPD 1000.1 GRC Governance and Strategic Management Structure pdf
GLPD 1280.1 NASA Glenn Quality Management System Policy w/Change 1 (Revalidated 10/28/2022) pdf
GLPD 1460.1 Mail Management pdf
GLPD 1490.1 Management and Acquisition of Print Services pdf
GLPD 1590.2 Social, Recreational, and Non-NASA Activities w/Change 1 (03/07/2023) pdf
GLPD 1820.2 GRC Smoking Policy pdf
GLPD 7150.2 GRC Software Engineering Requirements w/Change 2 (Revalidated 5/18/2021) pdf
GLPR 1150.1 Establishing Glenn Research Center Councils, Boards, Committees, Working Groups, and Teams pdf
GLPR 1280.1 Glenn Research Center Quality Manual w/Change 1 (05/21/2022) pdf
GLPR 1310.1 New Business Pursuit Process pdf
GLPR 1410.1 Glenn Directives Management w/Change 2 (4/06/2021) pdf
GLPR 1420.1 Forms Management Program w/Change 1 (04/06/2023) pdf
GLPR 1440.1 Records Management pdf
GLPR 1450.2 Handling Congressional Correspondence and Information Concerning Congressional Activities pdf
GLPR 1600.1 GRC Video/Photography Restrictions and Exceptions w/Change 1 (Revalidated 01/28/2020) pdf
GLPR 1620.4 Facility Security Assessment and Risk Acceptance Process w/Change 1 (Revalidated 01/28/2020) pdf
GLPR 2200.1 Requirements for Documentation, Approval, and Release of GRC Scientific and Technical Information (STI) pdf
GLPR 2810.2 New Arrival Computer Access Process pdf
GLPR 3410.1 On-the-Job Training (OJT) Documentation pdf
GLPR 3600.1 Leave and Work Schedules pdf
GLPR 5100.1 Procurement w/Change 1 (03/28/2023) pdf
GLPR 7120.5.10 GRC Space Flight Project Management Requirements and Best Practices w/Change 5 (07/30/2020) pdf
GLPR 7120.5.20 GRC Project Deviation/Waiver Process w/Change 1 (06/20/2023) pdf
GLPR 7120.5.30 Space Assurance Requirements (SAR) pdf
GLPR 7120.5.50 Implementation – Experimental Testing pdf
GLPR 7120.8 Glenn Research Center Research and Technology Project Management Procedure pdf
GLPR 7123.2 Systems Engineering for Flight and Ground Systems w/Change 1 (03/26/2020) pdf
GLPR 7123.35 Glenn Research Center (GRC) Project Technical Review Procedure pdf
GLPR 7123.36 Engineering Review Board (ERB) Procedure pdf
GLPR 8000.4 GRC Risk Management pdf
GLPR 8553.1 Glenn Research Center Environmental Management System w/Change 1 (06/28/2021) pdf
GLPR 8715.1 Glenn Research Center Safety and Health Management System pdf
GLPR 8730.6 Control of Measuring and Test Equipment (MTE) w/Change 1 (07/06/2022) pdf
GLPR 8739.1 GRC Software Assurance and Software Safety pdf
GLPR 8800.15 Glenn Research Center (GRC) Space Management Committee (SMC) Procedure: Policies and Process for Space Management pdf
GLPR 9050.1 Request for Monies from NASA GRC Exchange and Morale Support Activities (EMSA) Expenditures w/Change 1 (Revalidated 02/14/2020) pdf
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