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Hybrid Thermally Efficient Core (HyTEC)

Accelerate development and demonstration of advanced turbine engine technologies in a high-power-density core to enable next-generation commercial transport aircraft.


Increased Thermal Efficiency

  • Achieve a 5 to 10% fuel burn benefit versus 2020 best in class.
  • Reduce engine core size and facilitate hybridization.
  • Lower environmental impact and reduce end-user cost.

Increased Power Extraction

  • Achieve up to 20% power extraction (2 to 4 times current state of the art) at altitude from a modern commercial turbofan engine.
  • Allow more electrified aircraft systems with optimized electric power availability, additional fuel savings, and cost reductions.

HyTEC Approach

Credits: Pratt & Whitney

Focus on technologies that are best suited for collaboration and can be impacted and accelerated by NASA’s resources, test facilities, and unique expertise.

Stakeholders & Beneficiaries

  • Collaborative funding with industry will enhance engine fuel burn benefit by implementing additional technologies to increase efficiency in next generation engines.
  • Primary customers include U.S. transport aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), universities (aero R&D), and the Electric Aircraft Powertrain industry.
  • Tech transfer will occur through cost share contracts, Space Act Agreements, and publications disseminating non-sensitive data and results.
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