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November 30, 2020

Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Flight Project Battery Industry Day

The Electrified Propulsion Flight Demonstration (EPFD) Project held a virtual Battery Industry Day on November 30, 2020. The objective of this meeting was to connect aircraft companies with battery companies to prepare for the upcoming EPFD Request for Proposals on Megawatt-Class Powertrain Flight Demonstrations planned for release in FY21. There were 19 industry presentations at the workshop, where 3 were from aircraft companies and 16 were from battery companies. At peak attendance, over 116 participants joined the event, over half were from Industry.  The product of this workshop will be a directory of attendees that will be shared with participants, as well as a website with the presentation charts from companies that agreed to make them publicly available.

Author Presentation Title Link
NASA NASA Introduction PDF
NASA NASA Technical Barrier Risks for Battery Industry Day PDF
Ampaire High Energy Density Lithium-Ion Cells with Silicon Nanowire Anode Technology PDF
Amprius Parallels in Communication and Navigation Technology and Natural Phenomenon PDF
Lectratek Company/Battery Technology Overview PDF
EaglePicher Energy Storage Solutions for Aviation Applications/Overview PDF
EP Systems Company Overview PDF
Navitas Systems Navitas Systems Capabilities for Electrified Powertrain Flight Batteries PDF
Sion Power Sion Power Batteries for EV and Aerospace Applications PDF
SolidPower Solid-State Batteries (ASSB) for Mobile Power Markets PDF
GLX Cognicell™ Introduction and Technology Overview PDF
MOBIUS Battery Subscription for Circular Economy PDF
Romeo Integrated Battery Systems for Electrified Flight PDF
LAVLE Energy Storage Technology Summary PDF

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