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Dynamic Spin Rig


The Dynamic Spin Rig is an advanced test facility at NASA’s Glenn Research Center used to evaluate the true vibration and structural mode properties of rotating aircraft engine systems and components.

As aircraft engine designs advance to accommodate future electrified propulsion systems, they may be subjected to higher rotational speeds and changing operating conditions and will need to undergo enhanced testing to ensure greater longevity.

Image of the Dynamic Spin Rig being worked on at NASA's Glenn Research Center
The Dynamic Spin Rig at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Credit: NASA

The rig features a unique five-axis, magnetic bearing configuration which allows researchers to perform vibration tests of these components in a vacuum chamber without aerodynamic loading interference.

Data gathered can help better understand how rotating components such as blades and disks interact in various conditions and protect against structural fatigue in future aircraft engine designs.

Quick Facts

Facility Capabilities

Vibration Analysis

The Dynamic Spin Rig enables vibration analysis methods on aircraft blades and components using electromechanical shakers and magnetic bearings, which can increase vibrational energy to larger amplitudes. These tests help identify ways to properly manage vibrations in turbomachinery components and eliminate future failures from fatigue.

Design Configuration Benefits:

Vacuum Testing Environment

Turbomachinery blades and components are tested under centrifugal forces by being rotated in a vacuum chamber. Vacuum environment testing reduces torque required to drive the blades and disks, which helps remove any aerodynamic effects including friction and heat. Spinning components in a vacuum also removes aerodynamic damping – or decreases in vibrations – so that the true structural stiffness and damping properties can be measured and compared to predictions.

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