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Hybrid Electric


Parallel Hybrid diagram Airframe/propulsion remains relatively decoupled.

Boeing Sugar Volt

  • Parallel hybrid, 150 passenger, 900 nm on battery
  • 1.3 and 5.3 MW machines considered
  • Fuel off-loaded 750 W-hr/kg batteries charged from grid
  • 60% fuel burn reduction


On-going, optimized geared turbofan engine for cruise by adding boost power for take off and climb
  • Parallel hybrid, 150 passenger
  • 2.1 MW machines, 1000 W-hr/kg batteries
  • 6% reduction in fuel burn and 2.5% reduction in energy usage

R-R LibertyWorks EVE

On-going, parametrically optimized engine with hybrid climb & cruise segments
  • Parallel hybrid, 150 passenger
  • 28% reduction in fuel burn for a 900-nm mission
  • Up to a 10% total energy reduction for a 500-nm
  • Optimizing for minimum fuel usage predicts an 18 percent reduction in total fleet fuel usage.

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